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Las Cruces Food Allergy Chef

If you’ve been dissatisfied or burnt out with your home meal-delivery service, give Friendly Food a try! 
*Menus created for YOU!
*More variety and more quantity!👍🏻
*More control over the quality of Ingredients!👌🏻
*Support local business

We have so many options and price options for every family.

Eating well doesn’t have to be so boring!

Why our services are so convenient:

  • We come to you!

  • We can help create a meal plan to fit your needs

  • We are flexible

  • We are affordable!

"As a mom of three, one of whom is a newborn,
I am grateful to have Loren’s help with

achieving our goal of sticking to a real foods,
gluten- and dairy-free diet. 
Having our freezer stocked with healthy,
homemade “convenience” foods is helping us s
implify our meal preparation without resorting to
expensive and processed foods."
                                           -Norissa L.

                                            Las Cruces, NM


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